'Trish is a delight to work with. She always provides me with useful quotes for my features and I love collaborating with her on beauty shoots where she brings, fresh, creative ideas to the story. ' Dominique Temple, Beauty Editor, The Telegraph

'Trish is an amazing manicurist and her attention to detail is second to none. She has a positive energy that clients and models really warm to on set.' Stuart Phillips, Fuse Production

'Trish brings technique, individuality and imagination to every project, as well as warmth, personability and positive energy to every set. ' Michal Pudelka, Photographer

'Sometimes you meet people in life and you just intrinsically know they're “good” – good fun, good souls and good energy – Trish is one such person!' Vanity Fair

'When I think of a true nail professional I think of Trish, I have always loved working with her and she is as lovely on the inside as she is on the outside!' Samantha Sweet, Sweet Squared

'Famed for her clean, polished natural nail looks and one of the world's most prestigious nail pros and the speediest technicians in the business.' Get The Gloss

'Trish not only creates the perfect manicure but has a great sense of humour and an energy that she brings with her that helps keep the spirits up on those long shoot days.' Neil Moodie, Hair Stylist

'Trish is great to have on set as part of the team - she's one of the best manicurists I know for a perfectly clean, modern polished nail, and she always gets along with everyone!' Wendy Rowe, Makeup Artist

'Trish is a talented nail technician and integral member of a beauty shoot and always a pleasure to work with! ' Marie Claire

'Trish's quality of work is exceptional. Renowned for her clean lines and manicure perfection and her professionalism is second to none.' Helena Biggs, Scratch Magazine

'It is always a pleasure to work with Trish, she is a true professional and her work is of the highest quality.' Louella Belle

'Trish is a very gentle, skilled and a confident technician, her varnishing skills are super quick yet precise ensuring little or no work in post production and always with a fantastic end result.' Nina Taylor, Hand Model

'We cannot recommend Trish highly enough, her attention to details is incredible. Trish is a perfectionist and above all she is a huge asset to any team.' Image Partnership